What are Camp Abby’s current needs and challenges?

  • To keep camper fees low and provide subsidies so every child who wishes to come to camp may do so.

  • To continue our momentum and respond to new demands.

  • To engage a permanent staff person who can carry out many tasks such as promotion, provide leadership to our summer staff, host successful events to ensure return rentals, provide organization and administration support.

  • To maintain, and upgrade our facility.

  • To develop diverse programs on the property that will attract campers in season and others in the off-season – such as a trail system and additional recreational capacities

  • To develop the camp so it can be open for four seasons

  • To upgrade and replace a number of cabins over the next 5 years

  • To cover rising costs of insurance


Capital & Endowment Campaigns

This campaign seeks to establish an unassailable trust of $500,000 that will be used to generate an income in perpetuity for Camp Abby.

The camp will seek support from people who are in a financial position to provide it and who believe in what the camp does.

The board also intends to create an endowment fund which will be funded in whole or in part by bequests people designate for the camp in their wills.

As donations and endowments are received, they will be added to, and protected by, the trust.

the success of these campaigns will ensure that Camp Abby can continue to operate debt-free. meet any financial challenges with confidence, and continue to help future generations of children and youth for years to come.

For more information please contact us.

Wish List

Cereal – our campers especially like Rice Krispies,

Mini Wheats, Cheerios and Frosted Flakes

Rice crackers

Soup crackers

S’mores supplies – marshmallows, Celebration cookies

Juice – All sizes and flavours are enjoyed

Mason Jars – all sizes are appreciated for Arts & Crafts

Glue Sticks

Washable Paints and Markers

Pencil Crayons and Crayons

Copier Paper



Bug repellent – children’s

Flip Flops – new or gently used

Running shoes – new or gently used. Sometimes our campers forget to pack shoes. We like to have some on hand so all can enjoy outdoor activities.

To donate items please contact us to arrange pickup/drop off of items. 

Golf Tournament

The golf tournament is the camps major fundraiser each year. The funds raised assist in the operational and capital cost associated with running the camp. Your contributions to this organization helps support kids life long growth at a United Church camp.

PAR Program

Thanks to the support of a large number of individuals, businesses, local congregations and groups Camp Abby is able to provide a rich camping experience for children, youth and adults on Prince Edward Island.

To register in the PAR program or to support download the form below.